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Testimonials - Dr. M. Shoaib Khan


One of the questions that patients ask Dr. M. Shoaib Khan most often is, “How much is teeth whitening?” This is understandable when you consider that professional teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic dentistry procedure. The process ... Read More


Common reasons for a getting a tooth extraction include the eruption of a wisdom tooth or a tooth that is too badly damaged to be repaired. Tooth extraction is performed by your dentist under local anesthesia and most pain disappears within a week.... Read More


While the teeth are known for a few important things, such as masticating food and breaking them down into digestible particles so that they may be utilized by the body well and allowing individuals to form certain sounds when the teeth ... Read More




When you lose a tooth or you have to have it removed, your remaining teeth can drift towards the open spot and cause problems with your alignment. That is one reason that replacing a missing tooth with a dental bridge ... Read More


Cosmetic dentistry involves one or more elective procedures to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile as well as overall functionality. We offer several popular cosmetic dentistry procedures at the office of Dr. M. Shoaib Khan and are happy to ... Read More


If you are missing teeth due to an accident, tooth decay, or another oral disease, you may be a good candidate for the dental implant procedure at the office of Dr. M. Shoaib Khan. Dental implants replace damaged tooth ... Read More


A gingival gum graft is a procedure that Dr. Khan may recommend to patients as a way to control and reverse serious dental diseases. This procedure is particularly useful when you have exposed roots that causes plaque and calculus to accumulate ... Read More


  Many adults desire to straighten their teeth but don’t want to wear traditional metal braces. That is understandable, since most people associate these types of braces with children and teenagers. Perhaps you are researching alternatives and are not certain how Invisalign works. If you ... Read More


When patients hear that dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, one of the first questions they ask Dr. Khan is “How do dental implants work?” Implants are non-removable and permanent tooth replacements attached to artificial roots. They offer numerous benefits besides looking more natural than removable dentures, ... Read More