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Usually, after a person has lost or knocked-out his/her tooth or teeth, the most suggested treatment is by having a removable prosthetic device like dentures, and dental bridges. A removable prosthetic device can provide coverage for your lost tooth but since they are not implanted, they can provide you discomfort ... Read More


While the teeth are known for a few important things, such as masticating food and breaking them down into digestible particles so that they may be utilized by the body well and allowing individuals to form certain sounds when the teeth ... Read More


When you lose a tooth or you have to have it removed, your remaining teeth can drift towards the open spot and cause problems with your alignment. That is one reason that replacing a missing tooth with a dental bridge ... Read More


  Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the aesthetic appearance and enhances one’s smile as well as the overall oral functions such as speaking and chewing. Here in Dr. Khan’s office, we have various ... Read More



What Are Dental Bridges?

When patients are missing one or more of their natural teeth, Dr. M. Shoaib Khan presents them with several options for replacement. After learning about each restorative dentistry choice, many people ask him, “What is a dental bridge?” A ... Read More