All-on-Four Dental Implants


Have you ever considered the revolutionary shift from removable dentures to permanent dental solutions? With the advent of dental implants, patients gained significant improvements in functionality and aesthetics. Now, Dr. M. Shoaib Khan is taking the evolution of dental restorations a step further with the advanced All-on-Four dental implant procedure, a transformative approach that promises a seamless journey to a perfect smile.

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Understanding All-on-Four Dental Implants

The All-on-Four technique offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional dental implants and short-term dentures. Just as initial dental implants improved upon removable dentures, All-on-Four raises the bar for convenience, comfort, and durability in dental restoration.

Instead of the laborious process of traditional implants that requires multiple visits over a year and a half and interim denture use, Dr. Khan provides a streamlined solution. The All-on-Four method utilizes four precisely angled titanium screws laid as the foundation in your jaw. The screws act as the new root system for your smile, anchoring it permanently.

What makes this technique remarkable is the elimination of bone grafting, which is often necessary in traditional implant procedures. This makes for a less invasive process and significantly reduces the timeline of the patient’s dental restoration journey.

Consultation for All-on-Four

Are you wondering if you’re the right candidate for All-on-Four? During a consultation with Dr. Khan, he will undertake a thorough evaluation, which includes x-rays, panoramic scans, and bite impressions. He also reviews your dental history and assesses whether extractions are necessary. With this comprehensive analysis, Dr. Khan ensures that the treatment plan is tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

Permanent Teeth in Single Appointment

The standout benefit of All-on-Four is the ability to walk out of Dr. Khan’s clinic with a full set of permanent teeth in just a single appointment. Yes, you heard that right. Whether extractions are needed or not, Dr. Khan can execute the entire procedure – from placing implants to fitting your customized teeth – all in one day. That means no more temporary solutions, no repetitive visits, and no unnecessary delays. You walk in with uncertainty and walk out with a renewed, confident smile by the afternoon.

Patients often schedule a morning session for the All-on-Four procedure and return home later the same day, fully equipped with a brand-new set of teeth that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. Imagine the convenience, the transformation, and the time savings!

Why Choose All-on-Four?

All-on-Four implants are permanently affixed, designed to give you the same strength and functionality as your natural teeth, with the added benefit of never having to deal with the inconveniences of traditional removable dentures. This revolutionary dental procedure is a testament to how far dental technology has come, placing a strong emphasis on patient comfort and satisfaction. Before having dental implants, you should ask questions about what to expect and make sure it’s  the right procedure for your dental needs.

Life After All-on-Four Dental Implants

Patients who choose All-on-Four implants report drastic improvements in quality of life. From enjoying your favorite foods to speaking with clarity, the advantages are indeed life-changing. What’s more, you can bid farewell to the worry of slipping dentures during daily activities or social engagements.

Innovative Dental Solutions

Dr. M. Shoaib Khan and his team are at the forefront of innovative dental solutions. If you’re ready to embrace this life-changing procedure, we invite you to contact our office and schedule a consultation. Discover the transformative power of All-on-Four dental implants and let us guide you towards a future of confidence and a beautiful, enduring smile. Don’t let the opportunity for a seamless transition to a permanent, stunning set of teeth pass you by. Reach out to us today, and take the first step towards your new and improved dental experience.

Please contact our office to request a consultation if you’re interested in learning more about All-on-Four.

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