All-on-Four Dental Implants


Have you ever considered the revolutionary shift from removable dentures to permanent dental solutions? With the advent of dental implants, patients gained significant improvements in functionality and aesthetics. Now, Dr. M. Shoaib Khan is taking the evolution of dental restorations a step further with the advanced All-on-Four dental implant procedure, a transformative approach that promises […]

What is Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?


If you’re unhappy with some aspect of your smile, you may be considering undergoing a cosmetic dentistry procedure to enhance it. Most patients are aware of some of their options to change the way their teeth look, but not all of them. You may even wonder “What is cosmetic dentistry?” If so, you’re not alone. […]

About Bone Grafts and Dental Implants

Patients who need one or more teeth replaced are increasingly requesting dental implants rather than typical dentures that are removable. It’s easy to understand why when you consider the many benefits of dental implants. Patients do not have to worry about the embarrassment of having them fall out nor do dental implants affect chewing or […]

The many advantages of dental implants

If you are missing teeth due to an accident, tooth decay, or another oral disease, you may be a good candidate for the dental implant procedure at the office of Dr. M. Shoaib Khan. Dental implants replace damaged tooth roots and provide a foundation for your new permanent or removable teeth. Our dental laboratory technicians […]

Need an Orthodontic Alternative?

  Many adults desire to straighten their teeth but don’t want to wear traditional metal braces. That is understandable, since most people associate these types of braces with children and teenagers. Perhaps you are researching alternatives and are not certain how Invisalign works. If you have crooked or crowded teeth, Dr. Khan would be happy […]

Some Facts About The Dental Implants Process

When patients hear that dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, one of the first questions they ask Dr. Khan is “How do dental implants work?” Implants are non-removable and permanent tooth replacements attached to artificial roots. They offer numerous benefits besides looking more natural than removable dentures, such as fewer food restrictions and the […]

Are you qualified to get an All-on-Four Dental Implants?

Dental Implants offer a great option for those who have missing teeth. It helps preserve natural tooth and bone structure. Thus, helping you look younger and free from facial muscle deterioration like wrinkles. Implants also help chew food efficiently and speak more clearly. It also lasts longer compared to any other dental restorations. Just as […]