Regular Visit to your Dentist in Maintaining your Teeth Healthy and Strong

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You were taught that brushing your teeth regularly and flossing at least once a day, along with avoiding sweet treats and eating healthier foods, and avoiding bad habits such as smoking, is the best way to keep oral diseases at bay. Although they are true, these practices are not all that you need. To keep […]

Allergies And Your Teeth

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    Allergy season is upon us! Have your teeth started hurting all of a sudden? It might not actually be your teeth. The pain you are feeling can be caused by your allergies! The sinuses that sit on your upper jaw, when congested, can put pressure on the surrounding areas causing pain in your […]

Tooth Sensitivity: It’s Causes and Treatment

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  Tooth Sensitivity has become a common issue among the population. Here are some of the causes of tooth sensitivity and what you can do to help treat this issue. Brushing Technique Always remember brush gently in a circular motion. The tips of the bristles is what removes all the plaque there is no need […]

7 Ways to Avoid Toothaches

when will you need a tooth extraction

  The best proven way to avoid a toothache is to take better care of your teeth and maintain proper oral hygiene. This cut down your likelihood of experiencing a troublesome toothache. The foods and drinks that we eat up every day that drive through our mouths make our teeth weaker and more susceptible to […]

Non-Traumatic Extraction for Pediatric Dentistry


Children are not simple to treat. It is a very thing, to convince young patients that the pain and discomfort is all for the better, but sometimes it needs to be done, and as parents your concern would be to find a pediatric dentistry who can work well with your child, so that necessary procedures […]

Everyday Dental Care For Your Teeth

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When you establish a good oral hygiene routine early in your child’s life, it’s more likely that the habits will stick for a lifetime. Many parents are surprised to learn that they can start caring for their baby’s oral hygiene even before his or her first tooth erupts. Rinsing your baby’s gums with a damp […]

You Don’t Have to Lose Your Teeth to Gum Disease

A gingival gum graft is a procedure that Dr. Khan may recommend to patients as a way to control and reverse serious dental diseases. This procedure is particularly useful when you have exposed roots that cause plaque and calculus to accumulate on them. When that happens, your tooth may decay quickly and need to be extracted. A […]