Why getting a dental implant is the best option for missing teeth?

missing teethIf you have missing teeth because of an accident or maybe the effect of tooth decay or an oral disease, you are qualified to use dental implants. A dental implant procedure replaces the damaged tooth roots and provides a fixture that is stable for your new teeth. It will be sent over to a dental laboratory to match your natural teeth as closely as possible

98% Success Rate

Dental Implants are one of the best options for people who want to improve or maintain the function of their other teeth as well as their aesthetic appearance and smile. It has a success rate of 98% and is very stable compared to other options for your missing teeth. Here are some of the advantages if you opt for dental implants:

  • Allow you to speak more clearly and chew your food efficiently. Some studies have proven that wearing implants improve the efficiency of chewing and speaking compared to dentures.
  • Helps improve your facial muscles that result in minimizing premature and unwanted wrinkles
  • Lasts much longer compared to conventional restorations on teeth
  • Reduces the need for restorative treatment to the adjacent teeth
  • Much more comfortable to wear than dentures

While all of these are advantageous, the self-esteem boost that you’ll get from dental implants can’t be measured. You can smile more confidently than ever because you are no longer embarrassed with the gaps between your teeth. You also won’t have to worry about your new set of teeth slipping out of place that can happen when wearing removable dentures.

Those who usually have diabetes or heart disease, even those who smoke may not be qualified for this type of procedure. So it is recommended to have an evaluation with Dr. Khan first to see if you are indeed a good candidate.

If you are embarrassed because of your missing teeth and want a stable option, schedule an appointment today and let Dr. Khan guide you through the whole process of getting dental implants.

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