9 Things to Know About Dental Bridges

about dental bridges

A fixed dental bridge is a preferred treatment for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. It is called a fixed dental bridge because it is not removable compared to dentures.

1. What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a structure, supported by teeth on either side. It spans the gap between teeth, much like bridge spans a river

2. How is a dental bridge made?

First, your dentist will prepare the supports for the dental bridge. Dental crowns are placed over existing teeth as supports for a bridge. Your teeth will be pared down on either side of the gap, and your dentist takes an impression of the prepared teeth. The impressions will be sent to the dental technician or laboratory where the bridge will be made. After completion, your dentist will then cement the completed bridge over the prepared teeth.

3. How will my pared down teeth be protected until I the bridge is made?

Your dentist will install a temporary bridge that will protect your teeth and prevent sensitivity. A temporary bridge will look good and you also eat normally.

4. What is the fixed dental bridge usually made of?

A dental bridge is made of precious or non-precious metal to which tooth-colored porcelain is fused. Since the development of new stronger ceramic materials, bridges can now also be made entirely of porcelain.

5. Is the dental bridge preparation painful?

The bridge procedure is not painful because a local anesthetic is used while paring your teeth and when tyour dentist takes an impression. It is often unnecessary to take an analgesic for pain relief after the treatment.

6. Will there be any sensitivity after the bridges are placed?

Sensitivity to hot and cold sometimes occurs after the bridge has been cemented only temporary.

7. Will a fixed bridge look good?

Fixed dental bridges will be made to look natural and to match your existing natural teeth. A dental bridge will definitely restore and improve your smile.

8. How well will I be able to chew with a fixed dental bridge?

Eating with a fixed dental bridge will be as comfortable as with natural teeth.

9. How successful are fixed dental bridges?

Fixed dental bridges are used successfully to replace one or more missing teeth. They can last for many years if taken care of properly.

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